Services To Accomidate Your Needs

Exceptional service to your organization is our number one priority. Our goal is to satisfy our customer by providing affordable pricing, product and performance excellence. We offer a wide variety of services to fit each and every need. Click a service below for more information.

Managed Services

The hassle of maintaining your IT equipment can be a full time job in itself. With Nerd Xpress, we keep your equipment maintained with the following services:

Regular inspection for preventive maintenance
On-site and remote technical support Free…Learn More »

Computer Networking

Nerds Xpress is not just any IT company. We take pride in providing excellent custom tailored services to our clients. Get familiar with our Network Infrastructure designed for a productive business with innovative techniques.Learn More »

Infrastructure Cabling

Install Your Infrastructure Cabling Properly and Effectively:

Your infrastructure cabling is more important than you think. The dangers and issues that stem from improper installed cables can be surprising. Make sure your cables are installed safely and securely..Learn More »

Cloud Services

Every business has experienced a server outage or needed to access critical data/software remotely. Avoid those issues and take advantage of the cloud services option Nerd Xpress offers. Maximize SLA(Service Level Agreement) with Cloud Services With integrity…Learn More »

Graphic Design

Your company’s website is the company’s connection to the entire world. Not only should the website be error free and attractive, but it should parallel what the company stands for….Learn More »


Advantage of a Functioning Telecom System

Having a successful business requires great communication with employees and clients. Nerd Xpress can provide your business with a cut costing and well-functioning telecom system…..Learn More »

Physical Security

Nerds Xpress lives by the motto of FUNCTION and EFFICIENCY. By function, we make it a priority that all the equipment is fully functional with limited downtown, all technological equipment is working to their maximum functionality, and the staff is able to utilize the technology to be able to overall increase productivity…Learn More »


Our multimedia division helps maximize functionality of equipment and provide custom engineered solutions. With our integrity driven team we will have your equipment installed in a timely manner and optimized to the customers specifications. …..Learn More »


Nerd Xpress takes advantage of our innovative integrity driven business with our procurement services. We provide our customers with the best quality hardware available and for the best prices. Because we work with other establishments to get you the best prices, our services are preferred by many…Learn More »


Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve with the Right Help Technology is constantly evolving. To stay ahead of the constant evolution it is important to partner with a certified innovative team such as Nerd Xpress…Learn More »

Training Service

The Importance of Proper Training

Training is always necessary for anyone that wants to use a new system correctly. When a user is well trained they know the system as well as the system performs…Learn More »