Benefits of Physical Security

Each and every business can benefit from physical security no matter the size or the service. At Nerds Xpress physical security includes video surveillance and access control. With functioning Video surveillance placed in the correct areas, your business will be well secured. Owners can also monitor their business from anywhere in the world. With the addition of access control, become the most secure and organized business.

Keep a ``Eye`` on Whats Going On

Video surveillance is an advanced, but cost effective way to keep your business secure. You will not have to hire anyone to secure your facility around the clock when you have reliable video surveillance. At Nerds Xpress we service both analog and IP based systems.

Access Control Features Stop Unlawful Activity in the Work Place

Access control is a brilliant add on to your company’s security features. Restrict access to your outer and inner facility. With Access control in place only authorized individuals are able to enter secure areas. With the use of swipe cards, keypads, or even bio metric scanners, access control will keep limitations on unlawful access to high sensitive information, and important business features. Employees and guests times are recorded in real time when they enter the facility automatically. Businesses are more organized when they have concrete information being placed into systems automatically and can refer to them when necessary. Be sure to know what and when individuals are entering certain areas of the facility easily. Be safe and secure with Nerds Xpress.