Our multimedia division helps maximize functionality of equipment and provide custom engineered solutions. With our integrity driven team we will have your equipment installed in a timely manner and optimized to the customers specifications. The various equipment we install and maintain includes: projectors, mixers, AV cabinets, digital signs, interactive whiteboards, video conferencing equipment and much more.

Digital Signage:

Ditch the outdated method of advertising and get hip to the new way of doing things. With our innovative techniques take your advertisement to the next level using digital signage. Digital signage allows you to display wording and visuals that you want to be advertised. This new technique of advertising gives you complete control.

The signs display what you want consumers to see, with motion to give them even more options and to draw them into the artistry. Digital signage is also very popular with restaurants, where it is almost becoming a standard for displaying the menu. With the use of graphics and other cool effects provided by Nerds Xpress your customers will not miss what you are offering.