Nerds Xpress is not just any IT company. We take pride in partnering with your organization to provide excellent custom tailored services to our clients. We custom engineer your network to ensure you have a best fit solution. Here are some of the benefits you will receive with our services.

  • Client Specific Network Engineering
  • Innovative Industry Standard Hardware
  • Quality Control
  • Maximum Service Level Agreement

Client Specific Network Engineering

Be sure to provide your company with maximum value add infrastructure, get your network engineered by Nerds Xpress. Our client specific network engineering strategies combined with our extensive list of partners we are able to provide you with a solution that is custom fit for your organization. With integrity, determination and constant forward thinking, our team strategically engineers ways to help assist your company with advancement. There is no one solution fits all model when it comes to network design and implementation. Your system is customized for your company in order to meet specific requirements and minimizing cost .

Innovative Hardware That Will Meet or Exceed Industry Requirements

Are you tired of spending top dollar for hardware that truly has no value add? Do you want to get ahead of the curve and lead your competition? Partner with Nerds Xpress and become the best in the business. Utilizing our partnerships with all the leading manufacturers, our certified engineers are able to implement solutions that provide reliability, security, longevity and quality control. We spec our equipment to meet your company needs, while introducing more innovative ways to get the best use of the devices.

Quality and Partnerships Set Us Apart.

We take pride in maintaining our client relationships, and we want our clients to know that they are appreciated. As proactive team players, our goals are always to have a partnership with our clients in order to gain their trust and to provide the quality control that is necessary for their technology. You know your company best and we know Information Technology best. When we work together, we create a system engineering specifically for your organization. Computer networking is a vital part of a organization’s functionality. We prioritize on maximizing SLA’s in order to keep your business running at all times.