Every business has experienced a server outage or needed to access critical data/software remotely. Avoid those issues and take advantage of the cloud services option Nerds Xpress offers. Maximize Profitability and Minimize Downtime with Cloud Services

With integrity and our innovative strategies, Nerds Xpress uses the advantages of cloud solutions to provide a more reliable and cost efficient environment. It is never profitable when your well-functioning business is down from operation. Using our cloud strategies, we are able to maximize SLAs. Our solutions will mitigate the risk of losing business due to your systems being offline on the regular. Most profitable businesses depend on smooth and reliable methods of communication that need to run properly at all times. Our cutting edge solutions will provide relief from being tied down to expensive servers that need to be maintained and backed up, and add the ability to access your data globally with greatly reduced downtime.

Access from Anywhere

Having access to software from everywhere is definitely a cost cutting feature that Nerds Xpress is excited to offer their customers. Many small businesses and nonprofits travel all around the world, marketing their companies and performing services. Having access to the necessary applications for productive work habits is essential for business opportunities. Online data storage, company email, your company’s hosted programs and database processing are all features accessible with cloud services. Take advantage of the opportunities put in place for your company’s advancement with Nerds Xpress.

The Benefits of RMM - Remote Monitoring and Management

Reinforcing our innovative techniques, be sure to cut cost and maximize SLA’s via remote monitoring and management. No matter where you are, Nerds Xpress can access the network to ensure optimal functionality as well as perform routine maintenance. Nerds Xpress’s motto of proactive IT is driven strongly on our high emphasis on cloud strategies. We know and resolve potential problems on your network before you, your employees and customers even notice. Our certified team will always make sure your systems are functioning at maximum efficiency, so you as the business owner remain focused on your number one goal – running your business.