Allow Nerds Xpress to Serve as your IT Department

Nerds Xpress is an innovative and integrity driven Information Technology company that specializes in providing effective and affordable technology solutions to small to medium businesses and nonprofit organizations. We offer competitive rates and premium service for network engineering/implementation, managed services, multimedia, procurement, telecom, physical security, cloud services, training, as well as consulting. As a trusted adviser, Nerds Xpress will enhance and take your business to the next level.

Partner With the Best in the Industry and Advance to the Next Level

We understand the importance of expanding your business and take pride in partnering with companies in order to achieve that goal. With Nerd Xpress your business will be well equipped with industry standard hardware and innovative solutions to provide reliability and grow your business. Our focus is solely on the SME and non-profit market, and with our years of experience we know exactly how to pair your business with the right  technologies as well as the latest market trends .


To operate the company in a way that actively recognizes the community and communities like the one in which our company was founded. To help advance other small to medium businesses, and non-profit organizations. We also strive to develop the youth by engaging them in opportunities that motivate them and allow them to reach their true potential. Nerds Xpress is proud to prepare others with the innovative tools to be successful, and to create economic growth within our communities.